Information regarding Josh Moon

I too was targeted by KiwiFarms/4chan/8chan/QAnon for years now and I am hoping this will end soon, and the lawsuits that I’m filing will help ensure that my reputation and identity that they have stolen and used to impersonate me and try to frame me is restored and that I am safe once again.

Left at the Lights

  • We are a small group of individuals who have been targeted by the nazi incel site, Kiwifarms, run by Joshua Moon. Law enforcement has been surprisingly slow on the uptake so we have done a lot of the work researching the perpetrators ourselves. We are not suggesting that anyone should break the law, or do anything for that matter, just that knowledge is power and that has been skewed in kiwifarm’s favour (up until now). This should go some way to redressing the balance. If he’s big enough to fling shit, he’s big enough to catch it. 

(Update: seems Nazis don’t like being doxed and have been writing to WordPress getting things redacted. I may not be allowed to host the info on this site but it still in my possession, free to whoever needs it.)

Joshua Conner Moon, son of John Moon and Candice Lynn Potter, is running a…

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Published by deafgrrrlsjourneytotruthjusticeandpeace

Deaf Non-Binary Trans Woman on a journey to truth, justice and peace in order to eradicate all the lies/rumors about herself and to dismantle/destroy white supremacy once and for all, hold those to a very higher standard of accountability and reclaim her life back from the hands of very violent, toxic, manipulative, abusive and deceitful white Deaf/HoH/Deaf-Blind people, white supremacists/TERFs and transphobes. Pronouns - She/They.

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