I was just notified this morning that Vermont Legal Aid called me and said that they cannot take my case due to the complexity and severity of this situation and has referred me to several lawyers and law firms that specializes in identity theft, defamation/slander lawsuits, cyber-bullying/illegal cyber crime lawsuits and other related/similar situations that I am currently dealing with.

This call was made at least about 15 minutes ago, and I needed some time to process, so we’re going to keep going, keep reaching out and find a lawyer or law firm that is good at what they do or specialize in, and get the process started ASAP. However, I was able to get temporary restraining orders started to be processed, notarized and finalized soon, but they only last up to 90 days, then after that, I have to re-certify and declare that I’m still being harassed online by certain people.

Thank you all again for your support, and new content, updates, vlog episodes and podcast episodes (with captions/transcripts) is coming soon – I’ve been busy editing and filming, organizing everything and making sure it’s consistent with the timeline that starts in 2009 and ends to present day 2021. Take care, be safe and I will keep you all posted. My resolve to tell the truth has STILL NOT FADED.


Published by deafgrrrlsjourneytotruthjusticeandpeace

Deaf Non-Binary Trans Woman on a journey to truth, justice and peace in order to eradicate all the lies/rumors about herself and to dismantle/destroy white supremacy once and for all, hold those to a very higher standard of accountability and reclaim her life back from the hands of very violent, toxic, manipulative, abusive and deceitful white Deaf/HoH/Deaf-Blind people, white supremacists/TERFs and transphobes. Pronouns - She/They.

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