Some Updates and What’s Happening with the Website/Blog Here (5/17/2021)

So first things first:

I wanted to inform you all that the FBI is still on the case and is helping me find a cyber-stalker who not only stole my identity and tried to frame me for everything that he did, but he also framed a lot of other people with their identities as well, and had the suspicious package he sent me the other day was a real bomb, I would not be here right now and I’d basically be dead. Regardless, I’m still here, still thankful for being alive, and still processing the emotions and the trauma of what he put me through with my trauma therapist and my new EMDR therapist, so there’s going to be a lot of work to be done to work through all that (yeah, I have two therapists), and hopefully, sooner or later, FBI Agent Patrick Hanna will find him and I’ll feel safe again and he’ll be in prison and maybe, just maybe, I can reclaim my life and what I lost. Who knows?

With that in mind, I want you to know that the fight for the truth to be told, the justice to be delivered and the peace to be achieved is not over. In fact, it’s far from over. I’ve been providing evidence and submitting all evidence to the FBI lately, and been working with the agent in charge of the investigation, so we’re going to get closer to finding him and I promise you, all of you – he will NOT harass you again. And most importantly, we’ll also arrest all the others involved – all the white supremacists/TERFs on a certain website that they use. We all know what I’m talking about; I’ve been standing up to fight white supremacists for years now, and I have a track record to prove it. Anyway… let’s discuss what will happen next:

First, I’m going to put this site “under construction” – it means no one will be able to see this website at all, and I will not be posting any updates, news, etc. until he is arrested and it is safe to return to the Internet again for me. What he did to try to frame me is beyond fucked up; he will pay for it. That I can promise you. I will be able to feel safe again, to relax again and to breathe again. I do not want to wake up every morning crying and shaking in anxiety all the time because of what he is doing every day. And every day that he is doing this, he’s making it worse for a lot of people, and for me and of course, for himself, because sooner or later, the FBI will find him and this will end. He can’t hide forever; he can’t run forever. He can’t change email addresses and have burner accounts forever. He will be caught, and when he is, I will be there punching his face in and then walk away after a few punches, because trust me, I’m that angry. I’m that traumatized, and I am THAT UPSET at him. He will come out in handcuffs and I will show up with the FBI and give a couple of punches to him. I don’t care; I wanna do it. He deserves the punches. He deserves more than that, but that’s up to the courts when they process him and put him in prison finally.

Secondly, I’m in the process of deleting my final social media platform (again, for safety reasons, not for the reasons you think – you all jump to conclusions too much with your conspiracy theories and “crab theories” as we in the deaf community call those theories, so please chill the fuck out and go relax on a beach or something), which is Facebook. My friends and I, along with the FBI, and the chief of police here in town where I live, all believe that the stalker might have hacked and stolen some specific information to use it against me and try to impersonate me and frame me. And one of my friend who was impersonated by the same stalker, she said that he also used a website called CuriousCat to do this, and this is a friend of mine who worked with me at TransCrowdFund Revolution, and is a wonderful friend and we’ve known each other for years, and she’s already verified that I actually did donate to people and never kept a dime of it, and basically provided a written statement to the FBI. She will also write a second statement, but will type it up due to her disabilities and have it signed and dated, and sent to the FBI agent in charge as well, about her experiences with the stalker who also tried to impersonate her, and therefore, will further cement my innocence.

Thirdly, I wish to clarify a few things: back then, when I was much, much younger, way before I was even 21 years old (I’m 32 years old now), I did have a bit of a minor record as a teenager, and that record was a bit of a misunderstanding between me and a school I used to go to in Buda, Texas – there was NO BOMB. They didn’t understand what I was saying, and I got in trouble for a simple misunderstanding. Thankfully, all I got was a expulsion from the school and I never went back and instead went to another school to continue my education and was able to graduate and all that. I also want to state that the “false report” charge when I was, maybe 19 or somewhere around that age (I’ll get back to you on that and double check the age, because my mom remembers when this happened) between me and the Austin Police Department in Texas, was already challenged and contested and then taken care of, because the court realized that the cops who wrongfully arrested and tased me did it for the wrong reasons – they did not know that I was trying to call a suicide hotline and that I needed help at the time, because I was dealing with some severe depression and trauma at that time. That’s the only record I’ve had under my deadname. Now, as for my legal name, my current legal name, October…. I’ve had at least one incident at the most. Punching a white supremacist/Trump supporter.

Thankfully, all I got was a citation, a small fine, and I get to walk away. That was it. Nothing major, and of course, I get a restraining order slapped against me for punching a white supremacist/Trump supporter. Oh, come on – seriously? Okay, whatever. But I never scammed anyone, I never defrauded anyone in my entire life, and I can promise you, with the evidence I have, the receipts, etc. – and of course, the witness statements and support of people who’s been with me the entire time and their evidence as well, it will prove my innocence, and I will have ONCE AGAIN left behind a situation that started with a simple misunderstanding and escalated with a cyber-stalker who stole my identity, tried to frame me and how it will end is that he gets to go to prison, while I get to walk away, clean slate and breathe again. I will feel safe again, but I do not want to return to social media, because you’re all too toxic. You refused to believe me. I asked you all for help; you turned me away. So fuck you – this is on you. Karma is coming, and it’s coming for you all. You should’ve not fucked with me, and now you will have to pay the price in court for lying about me. You do know if you lie to a federal agent, or even to any police officer in your areas where all of you live, or even to the courts, you can go to prison for that? Seriously, so I would think twice before you continue to slander me and lie about me. I don’t want you to go to prison – I only want all white supremacists/TERFs and of course, the cyber-stalker himself to go to prison. That’s all I want. That’s all I will ever want and need, so I can get closure, feel safe and be okay again.

And finally… No more Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. for me – that ends now. In fact, in several days, I will finally permanently delete Facebook after the last remaining OFFICIAL business pages I created for my work in music, art, poetry, gaming, etc. are permanently deleted, then I make a final farewell video on my personal Facebook profile, then I download, save everything (for evidence) and delete everything on Facebook. I will, however, continue to post awesome, amazing content for Deaf Gamer Grrrl, my music career, my art/writing/poetry and deaf comedy skits, and some behind-the-scenes vlog episodes from time to time on YouTube/Twitch, and my official websites for all that is going to be temporarily shut down and “under maintenance” – just like this website and blog will be – until the stalker is arrested. I will continue to have Patreon, so no worries on that. Discord is still active. Spotify/iTunes/Apple Music/Bandcamp, etc. will still continue to have new music releases coming out and I will still do Twitch live-streaming content for my gaming stuff as well. But that’s about it. And it’ll be on a very specific schedule, so yeah, I have a plan and I’m going to finish that plan, and I’m going to walk away with a clean slate. What I’m about to release in the course of the next several years, between now to 2024, and what will happen with the cyber-stalker’s eventual and inevitable arrest and justice finally being served so I can feel safe again, it’s going to be the official and final conclusion of all my projects, because come 2024, I will be 36 years old, and just about ready to finish up everything, get ready for a early retirement and maybe get all the final releases of brand new projects, my books, etc. done with before I turn 40 years old, and at 40 years old, I’m retiring officially and early, because I’m exhausted.

You have traumatized me, enabled white supremacy to infiltrate you, and you allowed a cyber-stalker to nearly get away with everything, and I do not trust any of you anymore. Your communities mean nothing to me – all that will be left is my true friends/allies, my wonderful support system, my new greatest love in my life (not telling you who and not telling you our plans together either, because I’m protecting her identity and keeping her safe from the cyber-stalker and from all of you – she and I are going to have a quiet and wonderful life so fuck you; bye bye), and my family. That’s all that will matter – I’m going to retire, have a nice quiet diner to open with my love, and we’ll be quirky queer artists living in a nice big home, with a horse stable for 2 or 3 of our horses we’ll own, our dogs and cats and maybe 2 ferrets, a big acre of land for said home, and my Harley Davidson motorcycle, a clean energy-friendly car and maybe a hybrid truck too and we’ll have room for our guests, our roommate, and of course, our future kids. And we’re gonna get some cute goats too! (my future love wanted some cute goats for pets, so sure, why not? I will provide for her), and it’ll be a nice, quiet life, living near a small town in Vermont somewhere, and cooking wonderful delicious meals every day for our patrons/customers at the local diner, all while living at least 5-10 minutes or so away from said small town, and just enjoying that life. That’s the endgame. That’s the future for me, and it doesn’t include any of you toxic, manipulative, abusive people. And it sure as hell doesn’t include the cyber-stalker. You’re all done; all of you. And when this is over, you’re going to wish you apologized to me but even then, I won’t accept your apologies.

You’re going to have to live with the consequences of lying and slandering against me for the rest of your lives. Your reputations will be ruined. You will not ever get any community support ever again. You sure as hell won’t get any donations from me ever again. I don’t want to help you – I will instead help my friends, my neighbors, my family, my loved ones, my roommate and people who I trust and have kept in my life. That’s who I will help. Fuck you all; you don’t deserve my support or my help anymore. You lost that chance when you betrayed me. I’m like a winter artic storm out at sea in the ocean – I’m beautiful to watch, but incredibly dangerous to mess with. The second you betray my trust, after showing you my big heart, putting my soul and passion into everything that I do and would give my last breath to keep my loved ones safe and happy… being a natural leader, and definitely having NO TIME for drama queens and fakes, having that heart of gold… the second you betray my trust… that is how cold I can become, like that same artic winter ocean storm, crashing hard with the waves and destroying all that harmed me to cleanse myself of trauma and to heal without you forever.

So, I hope you have your affairs in order, because not only all the white supremacists/TERFs are getting arrested, but the cyber-stalker is also getting arrested, and so is all of you – you are going to prison for lying/slandering me. Yeah, you can go to prison for making a false report and lying to a federal official/agent is definitely going to get you into some serious trouble. Sorry, Ana. Sorry, Paris. Sorry to everyone else who slandered and lied to me. You’re going to prison for lying to the FBI. That simple. So again, I would advise you all to think very carefully before framing a innocent person. Think hard. Think long about this. Okay? Thank you. Take care, be safe and I’ll be back when the stalker is finally arrested so I can share with you my updates and my news on what I plan on doing next after he’s in prison and I am safe again. It might be a long time before I can post or share anything with you all, but that’s all I wanted to say.

To my true friends, allies, support system, loved ones, family, etc. – thank you for believing in the truth. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for standing next to me and not behind me. Thank you for walking with me to the bitter end to get rid of a very toxic community presence out of my life forever, and to ensure that I get justice and finally feel safe again and have that cyber-stalker in prison. Goodbye, good luck and take care to everyone else who lied and slandered against me. Only karma will deal with you now.

The REAL October Rain Evans.

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Deaf Non-Binary Trans Woman on a journey to truth, justice and peace in order to eradicate all the lies/rumors about herself and to dismantle/destroy white supremacy once and for all, hold those to a very higher standard of accountability and reclaim her life back from the hands of very violent, toxic, manipulative, abusive and deceitful white Deaf/HoH/Deaf-Blind people, white supremacists/TERFs and transphobes. Pronouns - She/They.

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