Happily Engaged, Moving Forward and At Peace with My Life (What’s Next?)

Drawing done by a good friend of mine named Teddy. This is how much peace I am at with my life.

So, it’s been a while, and I wanted to share some updates. First things first: A Deaf Grrrl’s Journey to Truth, Justice and Peace is closing its doors online permanently, but not for the reasons you think. Here’s why –

  • As of right now, officially, the FBI and local law enforcement officials has concluded that I am not the stalker or the person on CuriousCat that everyone has claimed me to be, including one Ben Valin (aka Ben Hachiko and whatever else he goes by on Twitter or social media in general), because I have provided more than enough evidence to prove that I am telling the truth, and they have cleared my name and proved my innocence, because one, I do not use CuriousCat, and I haven’t been on Twitter for a long while now, and the only time I was on Twitter earlier this year was to defend myself and to prove that I was telling the truth, but no one listened so I basically gave up on them and they have since then probably kept on being toxic and manipulative and lying pieces of shit and whatnot and just overall, horrible human beings, and you know what? Karma is going to take care of them. Sooner or later, they will go to county or state jail for a total of at least 2 weeks if they attempt to make a false report and realize that they were being deceived by the real culprit(s) all along, and realized that white supremacists/TERFs were behind this, and realized that a white cis-male from somewhere either in the United States or the United Kingdom (my money’s on the UK) who is very racist and transphobic was the stalker all along and I’ve been right here in Vermont since day fucking one since the year 2015. Also, the article on this really crappy website, The Netline, got a LOT of things wrong about me, including my age, gender identity, pronouns, etc., and I’m actually 32 years old. Surprise, surprise. Anyway, life goes on, right? Not to worry though – I already am submitting a cease and desist order to that website and other companies/publications who posted fake articles about me that are entirely and wildly untrue and inaccurate. I never scammed or abused or harassed anyone at all. I can prove that as well. I actually did donate all the money to the people that applied for such donations when I did so, so Ben lied. But, of course, well everyone believed his lies so easily, even though I have receipts and proof that I did donate to so many trans people. Booyah. Suck it, motherfuckers.
  • Ana Maria Joyce actually did exaggerate and lied about what really did happen between me and her, because there are actually two, count them, TWO witnesses who can verify that I was telling the truth of what really did happen between me and her, and one of them actually wrote a statement on my behalf of what really did happen and witnessed everything that happened in the car, and at home in the kitchen with my fridge, etc., and I never actually “acted stalker-like” around Ana – I just wanted to hang out with her and be friends and get to know each other. So many of my friends who can attest to who I really am, they know me way better than Ana ever did in the very few short days she stayed here in my home that I INVITED HER TO and OPENED MY HOME TO HER in such a kind and welcoming way (which she took advantage of and disrespected my property, my home and my friends/loved ones), because being the nice person I am, I wanted to help her out with her living situation, and in the end, we all realized she was just manipulative and just a liar and was just using me and my friends. And the fact that a friend of mine showed me her new Twitter handle/username with the word meth in it, it’s so fucking hilarious yet sad at the same time. That being said, Ana lied, and she will be getting an actual certified and notarized cease and desist order, along with a official restraining order that is actually signed by me, a lawyer and an actual judge. I know her address, thanks to the private investigator that I hired, and it will be delivered properly through the county sheriff’s department in Rochester, NY where she lives. As for Rikki Poynter, she was caught up in the madness of it all, and is basically just blindly believing the lies, and didn’t realize that Martha Anger also verified the truth with me as well, and Martha also realized that Ana and Paris Glass were both lying about me after they tried to attack Martha during a live-stream on TikTok or some shit. So Rikki, if you’re reading this, I hope you and I can find some peace and clear up this misunderstanding. If not, that’s okay. Because I have some more good news that I’m about to share next.
  • While the FBI has been dealing with the actual cyber-stalker and his situation, I have been sitting here and enjoying a nice, peaceful quiet life and I am happily engaged to a woman that I have been friends with for years, and dated her for a few years, quietly without anyone knowing, and then I officially announced it, all while keeping her identity anonymous and safe from the public eye (for safety and security reasons), and I am truly happy, for the first time in a long time. I really do not give a fuck what people say or think about me anymore, because let’s face it – it’s just getting toxic at this point, and if you cannot admit that it is not me, then you really need some help, all of you. Get the fuck off social media and go live a life or something. Seriously, grow up. I mean it. Your generation sucks. Don’t like the truth or the real actual evidence presented to you? Then go see a therapist or get locked up in a psych ward for a while – it might do you some good to take a long break from social media. Sorry, not sorry.
  • Fourthly, I also wish to address that this whole “cancel culture” shit that you’re all on, it’s not working, and it won’t work on my true friends, because they all know the truth and they’ve seen the evidence, and they know I don’t do stupid shit like that. Why in the fuck of all that is good in the world would I want to jeopardize my life, my future, my career, my projects, my Patreon income, etc., for something petty, stupid, toxic and quite frankly, dangerous and harmful? Why? It doesn’t even sound like me to begin with. I want you to really think about this, just for a moment or two. Like, really, really think about this and look back on how I’ve tried to reach out to all of you and tried to shut down all the rumors and false allegations with actual truth, actual evidence and proved you all wrong. I also want you to look back at how I interacted with you, and think long and hard about this, before we move on, because this is going to be the last official post from this website, then after that, I am shutting it all down. For good. Look long and hard at how I am in real life and online – see the difference between me and the stalker? You do? Good. Now, go after the real stalker and stop slandering me for things that I never actually did. Thank you.
  • And finally, after years and several long months in the first half of 2021, I’m getting all the proper paperwork done, the legal documents needed to be obtained, and have them signed, notarized and officially recognized by me, a notary, a judge and a lawyer, then they are going to be delivered by county sheriff’s department representatives to the people in each city/town/state that they live in (particularly in Texas, Florida and NYC, so far), and I’m also issuing very special orders to all social media companies that anytime someone attempts to post about me or falsely accuse me of things that never did happen, it will be automatically deleted and taken down, and guess what? You get a warning, a suspension or worse, a permanent ban from those social media platforms. I found some loopholes in certain laws that allows me to do this, and you will never harm me, my friends, my family, my loved ones, my fiancée or even my community, ever again, until you all realize who the real stalker is, grow the fuck up, get some help, get the fuck off the internet and off social media and get a life. Move on. Thank you. That’s all I want to say.

I am NOT who you think I am, or whatever you thought I became or claimed to be, based on false accusations and rumors. You need to stop. You need to grow up, and you need to get the facts right and know what really did or didn’t happen and know the truth. If you don’t, then that’s on you, and karma will take care of you. I won’t, because I’ll be living happily ever after and enjoying the view of all white supremacists/TERFs getting arrested, and your lives falling apart in shambles, while you begin to finally wake up and realize it was not me all along and that you can just grow the fuck up. Now, as for the stalker, if you’re reading this, and I have a feeling you are somewhere out there reading this, I will not back down. I will not stop fighting. You can’t frame me for things that you did forever. You cannot run or hide forever.

The FBI WILL FIND YOU. They already know it is not me, and they are closer to finding your true identity. Law enforcement officials has already verified everything with me, and we now can move forward. I dare you to come at me. I dare you to find me. You have my address, right, since you sent me that goddamn suspicious package that I handed to the police earlier this year? Good. Come on over. Let’s fight. Let’s get this shit over with. And I will destroy you with my baseball bat and you will not be covered by insurance. Trust me on this, you will get a huge medical bill for all your injuries, because quite frankly, you deserve it.

I told you karma is coming to bring this to you. All of you. Don’t fuck with me, my friends, my family, my loved ones, etc. – otherwise, if you do, karma will hunt you down. And it will destroy you, inside and out. You can’t frame me and pin anything on me. It’s damn near impossible to do so. Why? Because the truth is coming out, finally, and I have my justice coming. I am at peace, I am engaged soon to be married, and I am happy. My life is so much better without you. Think about that while you go to state or county jail (this is for Ana, Rikki and Ben and Paris Glass and everyone else) for making false reports against me, because if I’m not mistaken, you can go to jail for making a false report against me once they realize it wasn’t me. And as for the stalker, you’re going to federal prison, most likely. Assuming that you are, in fact, in the U.K. somewhere, based on what my friends on a Discord server confirmed to me when they listened to the audio recording you sent me earlier this year, since I cannot hear and I am fully deaf, and the fact that they evaluated your accent and everything, we can get you extradited to the United States where you will face the fullest extent of the law and max punishment for your crimes against me, and everyone else you’ve harmed.

As for everything that did actually happen that is actually true, you will all get a response from me, the real me, about that in a video at some point in the near future. Not now, though, because I am still processing everything in therapy, so give me some more time to make sure that I got it all cleared up and go over all the details and make sure that I remember everything correctly. Thank you and have a good life, a good day/evening wherever you all are at, and as of right now, starting tonight, I begin the process to shut this website down and move forward with my life, being happy at last. Take care. I keep my word, and I’ve stayed true to my word. You really should’ve not fucked with me. Now, the tables has turned on you all.

The REAL October Rain Evans
(not the stalker that impersonated me and stole my identity).

Published by deafgrrrlsjourneytotruthjusticeandpeace

Deaf Non-Binary Trans Woman on a journey to truth, justice and peace in order to eradicate all the lies/rumors about herself and to dismantle/destroy white supremacy once and for all, hold those to a very higher standard of accountability and reclaim her life back from the hands of very violent, toxic, manipulative, abusive and deceitful white Deaf/HoH/Deaf-Blind people, white supremacists/TERFs and transphobes. Pronouns - She/They.

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