Happily Engaged, Moving Forward and At Peace with My Life (What’s Next?)

Drawing done by a good friend of mine named Teddy. This is how much peace I am at with my life.

So, it’s been a while, and I wanted to share some updates. First things first: A Deaf Grrrl’s Journey to Truth, Justice and Peace is closing its doors online permanently, but not for the reasons you think. Here’s why –

  • As of right now, officially, the FBI and local law enforcement officials has concluded that I am not the stalker or the person on CuriousCat that everyone has claimed me to be, including one Ben Valin (aka Ben Hachiko and whatever else he goes by on Twitter or social media in general), because I have provided more than enough evidence to prove that I am telling the truth, and they have cleared my name and proved my innocence, because one, I do not use CuriousCat, and I haven’t been on Twitter for a long while now, and the only time I was on Twitter earlier this year was to defend myself and to prove that I was telling the truth, but no one listened so I basically gave up on them and they have since then probably kept on being toxic and manipulative and lying pieces of shit and whatnot and just overall, horrible human beings, and you know what? Karma is going to take care of them. Sooner or later, they will go to county or state jail for a total of at least 2 weeks if they attempt to make a false report and realize that they were being deceived by the real culprit(s) all along, and realized that white supremacists/TERFs were behind this, and realized that a white cis-male from somewhere either in the United States or the United Kingdom (my money’s on the UK) who is very racist and transphobic was the stalker all along and I’ve been right here in Vermont since day fucking one since the year 2015. Also, the article on this really crappy website, The Netline, got a LOT of things wrong about me, including my age, gender identity, pronouns, etc., and I’m actually 32 years old. Surprise, surprise. Anyway, life goes on, right? Not to worry though – I already am submitting a cease and desist order to that website and other companies/publications who posted fake articles about me that are entirely and wildly untrue and inaccurate. I never scammed or abused or harassed anyone at all. I can prove that as well. I actually did donate all the money to the people that applied for such donations when I did so, so Ben lied. But, of course, well everyone believed his lies so easily, even though I have receipts and proof that I did donate to so many trans people. Booyah. Suck it, motherfuckers.
  • Ana Maria Joyce actually did exaggerate and lied about what really did happen between me and her, because there are actually two, count them, TWO witnesses who can verify that I was telling the truth of what really did happen between me and her, and one of them actually wrote a statement on my behalf of what really did happen and witnessed everything that happened in the car, and at home in the kitchen with my fridge, etc., and I never actually “acted stalker-like” around Ana – I just wanted to hang out with her and be friends and get to know each other. So many of my friends who can attest to who I really am, they know me way better than Ana ever did in the very few short days she stayed here in my home that I INVITED HER TO and OPENED MY HOME TO HER in such a kind and welcoming way (which she took advantage of and disrespected my property, my home and my friends/loved ones), because being the nice person I am, I wanted to help her out with her living situation, and in the end, we all realized she was just manipulative and just a liar and was just using me and my friends. And the fact that a friend of mine showed me her new Twitter handle/username with the word meth in it, it’s so fucking hilarious yet sad at the same time. That being said, Ana lied, and she will be getting an actual certified and notarized cease and desist order, along with a official restraining order that is actually signed by me, a lawyer and an actual judge. I know her address, thanks to the private investigator that I hired, and it will be delivered properly through the county sheriff’s department in Rochester, NY where she lives. As for Rikki Poynter, she was caught up in the madness of it all, and is basically just blindly believing the lies, and didn’t realize that Martha Anger also verified the truth with me as well, and Martha also realized that Ana and Paris Glass were both lying about me after they tried to attack Martha during a live-stream on TikTok or some shit. So Rikki, if you’re reading this, I hope you and I can find some peace and clear up this misunderstanding. If not, that’s okay. Because I have some more good news that I’m about to share next.
  • While the FBI has been dealing with the actual cyber-stalker and his situation, I have been sitting here and enjoying a nice, peaceful quiet life and I am happily engaged to a woman that I have been friends with for years, and dated her for a few years, quietly without anyone knowing, and then I officially announced it, all while keeping her identity anonymous and safe from the public eye (for safety and security reasons), and I am truly happy, for the first time in a long time. I really do not give a fuck what people say or think about me anymore, because let’s face it – it’s just getting toxic at this point, and if you cannot admit that it is not me, then you really need some help, all of you. Get the fuck off social media and go live a life or something. Seriously, grow up. I mean it. Your generation sucks. Don’t like the truth or the real actual evidence presented to you? Then go see a therapist or get locked up in a psych ward for a while – it might do you some good to take a long break from social media. Sorry, not sorry.
  • Fourthly, I also wish to address that this whole “cancel culture” shit that you’re all on, it’s not working, and it won’t work on my true friends, because they all know the truth and they’ve seen the evidence, and they know I don’t do stupid shit like that. Why in the fuck of all that is good in the world would I want to jeopardize my life, my future, my career, my projects, my Patreon income, etc., for something petty, stupid, toxic and quite frankly, dangerous and harmful? Why? It doesn’t even sound like me to begin with. I want you to really think about this, just for a moment or two. Like, really, really think about this and look back on how I’ve tried to reach out to all of you and tried to shut down all the rumors and false allegations with actual truth, actual evidence and proved you all wrong. I also want you to look back at how I interacted with you, and think long and hard about this, before we move on, because this is going to be the last official post from this website, then after that, I am shutting it all down. For good. Look long and hard at how I am in real life and online – see the difference between me and the stalker? You do? Good. Now, go after the real stalker and stop slandering me for things that I never actually did. Thank you.
  • And finally, after years and several long months in the first half of 2021, I’m getting all the proper paperwork done, the legal documents needed to be obtained, and have them signed, notarized and officially recognized by me, a notary, a judge and a lawyer, then they are going to be delivered by county sheriff’s department representatives to the people in each city/town/state that they live in (particularly in Texas, Florida and NYC, so far), and I’m also issuing very special orders to all social media companies that anytime someone attempts to post about me or falsely accuse me of things that never did happen, it will be automatically deleted and taken down, and guess what? You get a warning, a suspension or worse, a permanent ban from those social media platforms. I found some loopholes in certain laws that allows me to do this, and you will never harm me, my friends, my family, my loved ones, my fiancée or even my community, ever again, until you all realize who the real stalker is, grow the fuck up, get some help, get the fuck off the internet and off social media and get a life. Move on. Thank you. That’s all I want to say.

I am NOT who you think I am, or whatever you thought I became or claimed to be, based on false accusations and rumors. You need to stop. You need to grow up, and you need to get the facts right and know what really did or didn’t happen and know the truth. If you don’t, then that’s on you, and karma will take care of you. I won’t, because I’ll be living happily ever after and enjoying the view of all white supremacists/TERFs getting arrested, and your lives falling apart in shambles, while you begin to finally wake up and realize it was not me all along and that you can just grow the fuck up. Now, as for the stalker, if you’re reading this, and I have a feeling you are somewhere out there reading this, I will not back down. I will not stop fighting. You can’t frame me for things that you did forever. You cannot run or hide forever.

The FBI WILL FIND YOU. They already know it is not me, and they are closer to finding your true identity. Law enforcement officials has already verified everything with me, and we now can move forward. I dare you to come at me. I dare you to find me. You have my address, right, since you sent me that goddamn suspicious package that I handed to the police earlier this year? Good. Come on over. Let’s fight. Let’s get this shit over with. And I will destroy you with my baseball bat and you will not be covered by insurance. Trust me on this, you will get a huge medical bill for all your injuries, because quite frankly, you deserve it.

I told you karma is coming to bring this to you. All of you. Don’t fuck with me, my friends, my family, my loved ones, etc. – otherwise, if you do, karma will hunt you down. And it will destroy you, inside and out. You can’t frame me and pin anything on me. It’s damn near impossible to do so. Why? Because the truth is coming out, finally, and I have my justice coming. I am at peace, I am engaged soon to be married, and I am happy. My life is so much better without you. Think about that while you go to state or county jail (this is for Ana, Rikki and Ben and Paris Glass and everyone else) for making false reports against me, because if I’m not mistaken, you can go to jail for making a false report against me once they realize it wasn’t me. And as for the stalker, you’re going to federal prison, most likely. Assuming that you are, in fact, in the U.K. somewhere, based on what my friends on a Discord server confirmed to me when they listened to the audio recording you sent me earlier this year, since I cannot hear and I am fully deaf, and the fact that they evaluated your accent and everything, we can get you extradited to the United States where you will face the fullest extent of the law and max punishment for your crimes against me, and everyone else you’ve harmed.

As for everything that did actually happen that is actually true, you will all get a response from me, the real me, about that in a video at some point in the near future. Not now, though, because I am still processing everything in therapy, so give me some more time to make sure that I got it all cleared up and go over all the details and make sure that I remember everything correctly. Thank you and have a good life, a good day/evening wherever you all are at, and as of right now, starting tonight, I begin the process to shut this website down and move forward with my life, being happy at last. Take care. I keep my word, and I’ve stayed true to my word. You really should’ve not fucked with me. Now, the tables has turned on you all.

The REAL October Rain Evans
(not the stalker that impersonated me and stole my identity).


Some Updates and What’s Happening with the Website/Blog Here (5/17/2021)

So first things first:

I wanted to inform you all that the FBI is still on the case and is helping me find a cyber-stalker who not only stole my identity and tried to frame me for everything that he did, but he also framed a lot of other people with their identities as well, and had the suspicious package he sent me the other day was a real bomb, I would not be here right now and I’d basically be dead. Regardless, I’m still here, still thankful for being alive, and still processing the emotions and the trauma of what he put me through with my trauma therapist and my new EMDR therapist, so there’s going to be a lot of work to be done to work through all that (yeah, I have two therapists), and hopefully, sooner or later, FBI Agent Patrick Hanna will find him and I’ll feel safe again and he’ll be in prison and maybe, just maybe, I can reclaim my life and what I lost. Who knows?

With that in mind, I want you to know that the fight for the truth to be told, the justice to be delivered and the peace to be achieved is not over. In fact, it’s far from over. I’ve been providing evidence and submitting all evidence to the FBI lately, and been working with the agent in charge of the investigation, so we’re going to get closer to finding him and I promise you, all of you – he will NOT harass you again. And most importantly, we’ll also arrest all the others involved – all the white supremacists/TERFs on a certain website that they use. We all know what I’m talking about; I’ve been standing up to fight white supremacists for years now, and I have a track record to prove it. Anyway… let’s discuss what will happen next:

First, I’m going to put this site “under construction” – it means no one will be able to see this website at all, and I will not be posting any updates, news, etc. until he is arrested and it is safe to return to the Internet again for me. What he did to try to frame me is beyond fucked up; he will pay for it. That I can promise you. I will be able to feel safe again, to relax again and to breathe again. I do not want to wake up every morning crying and shaking in anxiety all the time because of what he is doing every day. And every day that he is doing this, he’s making it worse for a lot of people, and for me and of course, for himself, because sooner or later, the FBI will find him and this will end. He can’t hide forever; he can’t run forever. He can’t change email addresses and have burner accounts forever. He will be caught, and when he is, I will be there punching his face in and then walk away after a few punches, because trust me, I’m that angry. I’m that traumatized, and I am THAT UPSET at him. He will come out in handcuffs and I will show up with the FBI and give a couple of punches to him. I don’t care; I wanna do it. He deserves the punches. He deserves more than that, but that’s up to the courts when they process him and put him in prison finally.

Secondly, I’m in the process of deleting my final social media platform (again, for safety reasons, not for the reasons you think – you all jump to conclusions too much with your conspiracy theories and “crab theories” as we in the deaf community call those theories, so please chill the fuck out and go relax on a beach or something), which is Facebook. My friends and I, along with the FBI, and the chief of police here in town where I live, all believe that the stalker might have hacked and stolen some specific information to use it against me and try to impersonate me and frame me. And one of my friend who was impersonated by the same stalker, she said that he also used a website called CuriousCat to do this, and this is a friend of mine who worked with me at TransCrowdFund Revolution, and is a wonderful friend and we’ve known each other for years, and she’s already verified that I actually did donate to people and never kept a dime of it, and basically provided a written statement to the FBI. She will also write a second statement, but will type it up due to her disabilities and have it signed and dated, and sent to the FBI agent in charge as well, about her experiences with the stalker who also tried to impersonate her, and therefore, will further cement my innocence.

Thirdly, I wish to clarify a few things: back then, when I was much, much younger, way before I was even 21 years old (I’m 32 years old now), I did have a bit of a minor record as a teenager, and that record was a bit of a misunderstanding between me and a school I used to go to in Buda, Texas – there was NO BOMB. They didn’t understand what I was saying, and I got in trouble for a simple misunderstanding. Thankfully, all I got was a expulsion from the school and I never went back and instead went to another school to continue my education and was able to graduate and all that. I also want to state that the “false report” charge when I was, maybe 19 or somewhere around that age (I’ll get back to you on that and double check the age, because my mom remembers when this happened) between me and the Austin Police Department in Texas, was already challenged and contested and then taken care of, because the court realized that the cops who wrongfully arrested and tased me did it for the wrong reasons – they did not know that I was trying to call a suicide hotline and that I needed help at the time, because I was dealing with some severe depression and trauma at that time. That’s the only record I’ve had under my deadname. Now, as for my legal name, my current legal name, October…. I’ve had at least one incident at the most. Punching a white supremacist/Trump supporter.

Thankfully, all I got was a citation, a small fine, and I get to walk away. That was it. Nothing major, and of course, I get a restraining order slapped against me for punching a white supremacist/Trump supporter. Oh, come on – seriously? Okay, whatever. But I never scammed anyone, I never defrauded anyone in my entire life, and I can promise you, with the evidence I have, the receipts, etc. – and of course, the witness statements and support of people who’s been with me the entire time and their evidence as well, it will prove my innocence, and I will have ONCE AGAIN left behind a situation that started with a simple misunderstanding and escalated with a cyber-stalker who stole my identity, tried to frame me and how it will end is that he gets to go to prison, while I get to walk away, clean slate and breathe again. I will feel safe again, but I do not want to return to social media, because you’re all too toxic. You refused to believe me. I asked you all for help; you turned me away. So fuck you – this is on you. Karma is coming, and it’s coming for you all. You should’ve not fucked with me, and now you will have to pay the price in court for lying about me. You do know if you lie to a federal agent, or even to any police officer in your areas where all of you live, or even to the courts, you can go to prison for that? Seriously, so I would think twice before you continue to slander me and lie about me. I don’t want you to go to prison – I only want all white supremacists/TERFs and of course, the cyber-stalker himself to go to prison. That’s all I want. That’s all I will ever want and need, so I can get closure, feel safe and be okay again.

And finally… No more Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. for me – that ends now. In fact, in several days, I will finally permanently delete Facebook after the last remaining OFFICIAL business pages I created for my work in music, art, poetry, gaming, etc. are permanently deleted, then I make a final farewell video on my personal Facebook profile, then I download, save everything (for evidence) and delete everything on Facebook. I will, however, continue to post awesome, amazing content for Deaf Gamer Grrrl, my music career, my art/writing/poetry and deaf comedy skits, and some behind-the-scenes vlog episodes from time to time on YouTube/Twitch, and my official websites for all that is going to be temporarily shut down and “under maintenance” – just like this website and blog will be – until the stalker is arrested. I will continue to have Patreon, so no worries on that. Discord is still active. Spotify/iTunes/Apple Music/Bandcamp, etc. will still continue to have new music releases coming out and I will still do Twitch live-streaming content for my gaming stuff as well. But that’s about it. And it’ll be on a very specific schedule, so yeah, I have a plan and I’m going to finish that plan, and I’m going to walk away with a clean slate. What I’m about to release in the course of the next several years, between now to 2024, and what will happen with the cyber-stalker’s eventual and inevitable arrest and justice finally being served so I can feel safe again, it’s going to be the official and final conclusion of all my projects, because come 2024, I will be 36 years old, and just about ready to finish up everything, get ready for a early retirement and maybe get all the final releases of brand new projects, my books, etc. done with before I turn 40 years old, and at 40 years old, I’m retiring officially and early, because I’m exhausted.

You have traumatized me, enabled white supremacy to infiltrate you, and you allowed a cyber-stalker to nearly get away with everything, and I do not trust any of you anymore. Your communities mean nothing to me – all that will be left is my true friends/allies, my wonderful support system, my new greatest love in my life (not telling you who and not telling you our plans together either, because I’m protecting her identity and keeping her safe from the cyber-stalker and from all of you – she and I are going to have a quiet and wonderful life so fuck you; bye bye), and my family. That’s all that will matter – I’m going to retire, have a nice quiet diner to open with my love, and we’ll be quirky queer artists living in a nice big home, with a horse stable for 2 or 3 of our horses we’ll own, our dogs and cats and maybe 2 ferrets, a big acre of land for said home, and my Harley Davidson motorcycle, a clean energy-friendly car and maybe a hybrid truck too and we’ll have room for our guests, our roommate, and of course, our future kids. And we’re gonna get some cute goats too! (my future love wanted some cute goats for pets, so sure, why not? I will provide for her), and it’ll be a nice, quiet life, living near a small town in Vermont somewhere, and cooking wonderful delicious meals every day for our patrons/customers at the local diner, all while living at least 5-10 minutes or so away from said small town, and just enjoying that life. That’s the endgame. That’s the future for me, and it doesn’t include any of you toxic, manipulative, abusive people. And it sure as hell doesn’t include the cyber-stalker. You’re all done; all of you. And when this is over, you’re going to wish you apologized to me but even then, I won’t accept your apologies.

You’re going to have to live with the consequences of lying and slandering against me for the rest of your lives. Your reputations will be ruined. You will not ever get any community support ever again. You sure as hell won’t get any donations from me ever again. I don’t want to help you – I will instead help my friends, my neighbors, my family, my loved ones, my roommate and people who I trust and have kept in my life. That’s who I will help. Fuck you all; you don’t deserve my support or my help anymore. You lost that chance when you betrayed me. I’m like a winter artic storm out at sea in the ocean – I’m beautiful to watch, but incredibly dangerous to mess with. The second you betray my trust, after showing you my big heart, putting my soul and passion into everything that I do and would give my last breath to keep my loved ones safe and happy… being a natural leader, and definitely having NO TIME for drama queens and fakes, having that heart of gold… the second you betray my trust… that is how cold I can become, like that same artic winter ocean storm, crashing hard with the waves and destroying all that harmed me to cleanse myself of trauma and to heal without you forever.

So, I hope you have your affairs in order, because not only all the white supremacists/TERFs are getting arrested, but the cyber-stalker is also getting arrested, and so is all of you – you are going to prison for lying/slandering me. Yeah, you can go to prison for making a false report and lying to a federal official/agent is definitely going to get you into some serious trouble. Sorry, Ana. Sorry, Paris. Sorry to everyone else who slandered and lied to me. You’re going to prison for lying to the FBI. That simple. So again, I would advise you all to think very carefully before framing a innocent person. Think hard. Think long about this. Okay? Thank you. Take care, be safe and I’ll be back when the stalker is finally arrested so I can share with you my updates and my news on what I plan on doing next after he’s in prison and I am safe again. It might be a long time before I can post or share anything with you all, but that’s all I wanted to say.

To my true friends, allies, support system, loved ones, family, etc. – thank you for believing in the truth. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for standing next to me and not behind me. Thank you for walking with me to the bitter end to get rid of a very toxic community presence out of my life forever, and to ensure that I get justice and finally feel safe again and have that cyber-stalker in prison. Goodbye, good luck and take care to everyone else who lied and slandered against me. Only karma will deal with you now.

The REAL October Rain Evans.


The Beginning of the Journey to TRUTH, JUSTICE and PEACE (Introductions) – 4/14/2021


So why am I here? What is the purpose of all this? What is the reasoning behind this beautiful, creative mad genius mind of mine to dive into the madness of a group of white supremacists/TERFs’ conspiracy and plan to harm my reputation, my life’s works, to isolate me from marginalized communities when I truly needed their support to create a safe space for my identities as a Deaf non-binary trans woman, and as someone who never had real friends, like, real loyal friends growing up, and where is all this leading me to?

Why in the Fuck of All That’s Good and Shitty in This World would I want to do this?

  • Because one: it gives new readers, subscribers, followers, listeners, true friends, allies, comrades, supporters, community members context, clear transparency in what REALLY did happen to me and to the others involved in all this, and of course, 100% guaranteed BRUTAL honesty in the journey for TRUTH, JUSTICE and PEACE. What am I all about, though? Why in the Fuck should anyone read my blog/website, listen to my podcast here, or even see what’s going on with any of the updates I’m sharing with you all?
  • Because it will help me set the record straight ONCE AND FOR ALL, to clear the air as it were, to be absolutely ethical and honest about what’s really going on, to reveal the truth of all the shit that went down behind the scenes and to take down the real culprits: white supremacists and TERFs from platforms like KiwiFarms, 4chan, 8chan, Parler and even at one point, they created something called QAnon at the height of the Trump administration’s fucked up reign of traumatic horror.

I am hoping that after all is said and done, the lawyers has taken care of all this, and perhaps, just perhaps justice is truly served, and the white supremacists and TERFs behind all this are in prison – just a tiny glimmer of hope, though – that perhaps everyone in any and all communities or cultures, etc. that I’ve ever been a part of or involved in in the course of the last decade-plus will owe me an huge apology for sharing, retweeting and posting the sources originally created by actual white supremacists/TERFs and issue retraction statements and public apologies of their own, thus resulting in me being able to have peace at last.

Now before we get started, here are a few questions:

  • Why am I sharing all of this publicly?
  • What are the topics and discussions we will bring up in the course of the next few years or so?
  • Who would benefit from following me on all updates, news, blog posts, podcast episodes, vlog webisodes, etc.?
  • And if successful within the next year (hopefully by 2022 or at least 2023), what would I like to have accomplished?

Here are my following answers:

  • First, in order to truly heal all the marginalized communities that’s been affected by what has transpired in the last decade-plus and most recently, including the LGBTIQQA+ community, the sex work/porn industry, BIPOC, the Deaf/HoH/Deaf-Blind community, etc., we need to address the truth of what really did happen behind the scenes, what the truth is, and settle this once and for all before moving forward, because sharing these details publicly, as advised by my therapist and my lawyers when it is safe to do so and legally allowed to do so, will help clear the air, clear my name of any and all wrongdoing or accusations against me and will also hold the real culprits accountable so that throughout this journey for TRUTH, JUSTICE and PEACE, we can finally dismantle white supremacy not just here in America, but destroy all forms of right-wing fascism worldwide and unite together at last, so that all this will not have been for naught and that my mission to unite the world through TRUTH, JUSTICE and PEACE, as well as practicing SELF-LOVE, SELF-ACCEPTANCE, HEALING and OVERCOMING TRAUMA TOGETHER and get the Social Media Giants to finally be accountable and craft legislation that will effectively end identity theft for good, social media harassment and cyber-bullying for good and protect all communities from such hateful content, violence and consent violations in the future has not gone in vain. We need to make the Internet and social media safe again. We also need to work on ending poverty, racism, sexism, whorephobia, transphobia, queerphobia, fatphobia, ableism, audism, etc. – it’s a long list, but you get the point. But as long as we keep doing the little things that leads us to the bigger things that can truly make a difference in someone’s life before it’s too late, then at least let THAT be my legacy before they kill me or worse, I end up suicidal and disappear forever, fading away into the Darkness, all because you allowed white supremacists/TERFs to get away with this violence against all of us, and you allowed them to corrupt your minds with rumors and lies about me that are simply untrue.
  • Secondly, there are going to be SO MANY TOPICS and DISCUSSIONS we will have, and yes, there will be special guest appearances made by others who will join us along the way to discuss those topics/issues, etc., and most importantly, how we can end cyber-bullying, internet/social media harassment and online identity theft/impersonation for good, and end false misinformation mob-mentality-style campaigns against innocent people so that we can have a much better, more ethically appropriate system of justice and a higher standard of accountability. Throughout these episodes, whether here on the podcast series, on the official website/blog, etc., you will get to learn more about myself, who I am, where I came from, how I got here and where I will go next, and hopefully, just hopefully, you’ll see a much better side of the story and stop jumping to conclusions from here on out and just actually CALM DOWN, then make your actual well-informed decisions on the situation from there on out.
  • I would like to say that everyone would benefit, even those who are just starting out on their journey of becoming actively anti-racist themselves, because it is a LIFELONG JOURNEY, and it’s not just something that you can do overnight and post about on social media once a year or whatever on specific days, or whenever someone innocent has been murdered by a broken, capitalistic, overpoliced, DISHONEST and corrupt system (in other words, Fuck The Police and Defund The Police NOW; they’re not just hollow words to live by; they’re direct calls-to-action for activists everywhere). But at the same time, I do want the marginalized communities that has been targeted for the last decade-plus and most recently to apologize for the slander/libel against me because a cyber-stalker stole my identity and a group of white supremacists/TERFs were behind all this (but it will be a matter of time, not if but WHEN, and you all need to be patient – this is just the beginning), and many others who’s been affected by what has transpired and what has happened in recent events on social media, online and so forth at the hands of white supremacists, TERFs and just basically any goddamn right-wing extremists trying to destroy me, my name, my reputation, my life’s works and to get you all to turn against each other, and of course, to turn against me – that’s the way they’ve been designed to work, and if you don’t know this by now, then it is truly too late for you, and I hope you find your own way out of this and find the truth on your own, because I am too goddamn exhausted to be silent for far too long and I want this to be over. Anyway, check out everything I do on here on this podcast series, my official website/blog and of course, with vlog webisodes coming soon. Your support is also greatly appreciated.
  • And if I am successful in clarifying and exposing the white supremacists/TERFs behind all this, and putting the true culprits in prison, with the FBI’s help, and the federal courts finally get involved after a shit-long year of a pandemic, and of course, thanks to what happened at the January 6th Capitol Riots, we are now learning more details about who the real culprits behind the cyber-bullying campaign against me to slander me and to frame me for things that I never said nor did my entire life, hopefully within the next year or so (probably in 2022 or 2023, etc. – it could take a while, folks, so buckle up; it’s going to be a long ride), I hope to have accomplished the following goals: my name being cleared, I’m no longer accused of anything that I’ve done, and we move on to what’s really going on with the others involved, and then getting the public apologies from them issued to the world online, and of course to me as well, because let’s face – they all owe me one VERY BIG public apology, and if they can, they should try to all get together, film it in short clips, have it put together in post-production and make it a decent video of excellent quality with captions and whatnot, or at least make a written statement that they should all sign, stating that my name is now cleared, they apologize to me and that we can move on and move forward. Oh, and I’d like to see all white supremacists/TERFs in prison and to also put an end to all this and walk away in peace, silence and solitude yet again, because I will not use Twitter, Instagram or Facebook anymore.

I hope that this clarifies what the Journey to TRUTH, JUSTICE and PEACE is really all about, and if you have questions, concerns, suggestions, ideas, issues, etc., just please, go ahead and leave them in the comments section anywhere on my podcast series or on my website’s blog section or email me directly at contact@deafgrrrlsjourneytotruthjusticeandpeace.com or write letters if you want to – I’ll be revealing the P.O. box of where you can write letters to me at soon, and I’ll be happy to respond to them in future episodes. Thank you for your support, for listening, for watching and thank you for believing in this journey and joining me on said journey for TRUTH, JUSTICE and PEACE.

And as always, go to my Patreon if you enjoyed what I’ve had to say or sign thus far, by clicking here – your support means a lot to me, and thanks to Patreon’s “Creator Lite” option, I’m allowed to offer all my supporters, followers, subscribers, fans, believers, friends, allies, community members, etc. options where they can subscribe for as low as $1 a month or more, and they can pay as much as they want or as low as they want, with their debit/credit cards, or their PayPal accounts or however they wish to check out when subscribing on Patreon – you still get all the same usual perks/benefits as everyone else, regardless of the amount you pay for, and it’s kinda like a, uh.. a “pay what you want” or “pay what you can afford” per month kind of deal, and you still get access to all the cool content, updates, creations, etc. that I make, and of course, my Patreon also supports this new project with the website/blog, the social media platforms, this podcast series, the YouTube channel, etc., which is as you already know it is called… A Deaf Grrrl’s Journey to TRUTH, JUSTICE and PEACE.

Thank you for watching, listening and reading and whatever. I appreciate you all, and remember, to all the toxic, manipulative, abusive and deceitful Amber Heard-type personalities out there in each community, whether it’s the LGBTIQQA+ community, the BDSM/Leather community, the sex work/porn industry, the BIPOC community, the Deaf/HoH/Deaf-Blind community, etc., you can never, and I mean, NEVER EVER, take down the genuine, kind, beautiful, wonderful, soul-baring, brutally honest and gentle Johnny Depp-type of people in the world, because the truth will always win. So in other words, Johnny Depp is telling the truth, and so am I. And Amber Heard and to people who are just like Amber Heard, you are all manipulative, abusive liars who seriously need some help and some major deradicalizing and deprogramming from your white privilege and getting rid of the influence that white supremacists has over all of your communities so that you can shut the fuck up, leave us alone to live our lives in peace and move on. Get a FUCKING LIFE. GROW UP.

Thank you. Now, as advised by my lawyers, I will not divulge any further details into what is happening with the case and the lawsuit(s) that is pending, but I can share my story and tell my truth on these platforms and keep it as honest as possible, without divulging such sensitive and personal information from the lawsuit(s) and the case. There will be, unfortunately, until further notice, some content that will be edited and censored, but will be revised later to be unedited and completely UNCENSORED after the series end right around the time the lawsuits are over and the courts has reached their verdict so that I can show you what happened, and this is all due to advice that I’ve gotten from the lawyers just for now until I’m advised to do so otherwise.

Welcome to the Journey. Are you ready? You’re not ready for this, are you? That’s okay. Take your time. But I ask you to please, PLEASE… TURN OFF YOUR MINDS. CALM DOWN. TAKE A DEEP BREATH. (takes a few deep breaths) CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS. THINK RATIONALLY AND LOGICALLY, NOT IRRATIONALLY AND EMOTIONALLY. If you are able to achieve all of that, then you are now taking your very first steps to knowing the TRUTH on the way to getting JUSTICE, and then in the end, we will finally have PEACE between us. Thank you and goodnight.

Some Good News (finally…) – 5/8/2021

So, after about several weeks on and off going back and forth with the FBI, the local police department, discussing with my therapist, and the new lawyer that I’m meeting with soon, they are now all on the same page and the FBI is now opening an active investigation soon to help me find the cyber-stalker who framed me and stole my identity to commit various illegal crimes while he was using my name to get the entire fucking internet pissed off at me.

I’m also submitting restraining orders and cease-and-desist orders to several people (not going to name names here), now that they’re about to be finalized, notarized and officially signed by me, the lawyer and a judge to be delivered and submitted so that they can stop for a while, be quiet and just wait – like, ACTUALLY WAIT, until the real culprit(s) has been arrested, and the KiwiFarms white supremacists/TERFs has also been arrested, and then we can start addressing the remaining issues left to be resolved after that.

I’m pretty exhausted, traumatized and dealing with so much, and being accused of things I never actually did online, which really pissed me off, because that fucking asshole stole my identity for years and did all sorts of very horrible and illegal things, and he also contacted minors (like, underage minors) and did so while using and assuming my identity, and it made me sick to my core, because I was raped and abused by a pedophile (my stepfather, Chad Aubrey Campbell, and by the way, according to the state of Texas’s laws about the statue of limitations, there are NO LIMITS, and I can go ahead and file charges to get him in prison finally, so my stepfather is going to jail – hell, yes!) when I was a little kid, barely even 5 years old at the time, and it enrages me when someone out there who steals my identity is doing this horrible shit to little kids. I mean, fucking little kids! What the FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT GUY??? SERIOUSLY!

Anyway, the FBI believes they have pinpointed a possible location on the cyber-stalker, and are still working on the court orders to get warrants for not just his arrest, but the entire KiwiFarms website and all its members that has not only doxxed and harmed me, but harmed so many other people who was also targeted. I had to delete my Twitter, my Instagram, my official YouTube channel and my Facebook page for safety and security reasons until the cyber-stalker is finally arrested, and I also removed the mailing list feature on this website/blog, as well as my official October Evans website and my official Deaf Gamer Grrrl website, because I just found out that he tried to illegally add and spam people to mailing lists and sign them up for websites that are definitely not okay to do, by the way, and he did so while still stealing my identity and so forth. When this is over, we still have to address the following issues:

  • Firstly, I wanted to clarify something – the situation with me and Ana, that will BE RESOLVED PEACEFULLY and most definitely without courts. There will be an out of court settlement/agreement and a conflict resolution meeting at some point in the near future soon, and a lot of therapy for not just me, but for Ana as well, separately of course, and allowing the two therapists (Ana’s therapist and my therapist) to eventually correspond to one another and maybe, just maybe, resolve this properly, to a point where I know I will not be forgiven for what happened between me and Ana, but at least get some closure, heal and do better. I wanted to say this – I do have the best intentions and my heart is always in the right place when I try to do the best I can to help people, and yes, I do say the wrong things and do the wrong things at the wrong time and at the wrong places in my life, but it’s always coming from the kindness and goodness of my heart, and I’m very socially awkward, and not always the best person and I’m imperfectly human and will answer for that, and keep doing the hard work to improve that so that it doesn’t happen again with misunderstandings, mistakes, miscommunications, etc. – so for all the mistakes that I might make in the future and the mistakes I’ve already made, I am truly apologetic about that and will continue to do better and make it worth the journey to work through it and live my amends. I also, however, will not forgive Ana for accusing me of things that I hadn’t actually done on the internet, and I never intended to stalk her or anything of the sort – I merely was trying to reach out and wanted to make peace and let Ana know that I am doing the best I can to make things okay and yes, I understand that Ana may not want to be my friend anymore, and yes, I said some things on text messages that should’ve been clarified a little better, and yes, I should’ve done things differently, and while I am not making excuses for what happened in the car or in the kitchen, I do want to clarify that I didn’t punch the fridge – I actually was trying to close it, and didn’t get really upset at Ana for that; I was just frustrated because I was worried about the food going bad overnight since the door didn’t close all the way, and my friend Thomas who stayed here at the same time as Ana did, witnessed all that, and can attest to that, and as for what happened in the car, I didn’t actually hit the dashboard, and if I did, it was more like a slap, and I was having issues with my right leg when I was driving, because something was wrong with the nerves and I was actually trying to pull over, and when I was trying to find a place to sit down and do my work for the day on my laptop, Ana was asleep, and I was trying to ask her to see if she could move her feet a little bit, but I realized that was a boundary violation now and I took responsibility for that and everything else. As for the “duct tape” scenario, that was actually for me and my Domme/Mistress at the time, who I was doing Skype sessions with at, so if that made Ana uncomfortable, I truly am sorry.
  • Secondly, there’s a lot of things I wish I could’ve communicated very clearly, and also, Ana did know why I left the hospital for that appointment that day – I told her that the hospital “forgot” to get a interpreter and fucked up the appointment time/date and everything, and Ana drove off with me and yelled at the hospital when that happened, so I don’t know why she would change the story when in fact, I told her exactly what happened at the hospital about the interpreter situation and the appointment time/date for my colonoscopy, which, by the way, is now being rescheduled later this year at a different location and much better interpreter services/access. And by the way, Ana said she was not comfortable with men, and she knew that I had plans with my friend Thomas, and I mentioned it in advance, so either she forgot or I might’ve not clarified everything – I don’t know, but I want to say something about Thomas – Thomas is actually a gay cis man who is autistic and a really cool guy and a really good friend of mine who I’ve known for years, so if Ana has a problem with cis gay men (and maybe trans men), then I don’t want Ana around my trans friends or my cis gay friends at all. All my friends are trans men, trans women, non-binary folks and cis gay/lesbian people, so I’m not entirely comfortable with the fact that she said that about my friend Thomas. She could’ve told me directly instead of starting drama. I would’ve resolved this peacefully. Regardless, I still take responsibility for all the mistakes and actions I’ve made, and I just wanted to clarify my side of the story and my perspective and end this peacefully between us before moving on.
  • Now…. thirdly, there is a situation between me and Mistress Salem that was technically resolved, and still needs some clarification on what really did happen at the time. And also, about my suicide post I made in regards to my plans originally to hang myself in front of Mistress Salem’s house. Salem did not know that I was still traumatized from what the cyber-stalker did to me, and that I was still traumatized from Salem was not really supposed to do, which was to go near my face with a violet wand, and again, had I communicated clearly, and being a deaf submissive model in the porn/sex work industry or in the BDSM lifestyle is not very easy, because there’s not ASL access or interpreter access at all, and no way to fully understand what Salem would have said to me, and I don’t always rely on lip reading and that’s been my biggest problem – not understanding what hearing people say to me all the time, and it did unfortunately lead to communication issues my entire life, even way before Salem, and led me down a journey where I could’ve done things differently and not make the mistakes that I made with hearing people, especially with wonderful people like Salem. I also was still traumatized from being homeless all the time and traveling for years, and I really wanted some stability and some housing, and that should not excuse what happened between me and Salem. Now, I want to bring up some important points about that situation, along with the Valerie Paige situation, which I’m going to discuss next later, but first, I do want to clarify this – I still am sorry for what happened between me, Ana, Salem and Valerie Paige, and of course, Chiaroscuro Siren. I’ll get to that in a minute. And also, what also triggered me is the fact that I didn’t know that Salem was drinking some sort of alcohol (I’m guessing wine or champagne) and smoking weed (maybe; could’ve been cigarettes or doing some sort of marijuana dabs) and while I am fine with marijuana products of all sorts (I’m a medical marijuana client/patient myself), I am not fine with performers or Dommes drinking or smoking or doing any kind of “recreational drugs” before, during and AFTER shooting film content together. And most importantly, ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS ask for a model release form/contract in advance and definitely do everything sober. That really triggered me and got me pretty upset, so it’s one of the biggest reasons why I left the porn/sex work industry in general, because certain boundaries were violated against me, I didn’t feel safe, and I couldn’t understand what most people were saying to me anyway, even with a hearing aid and lip reading skills (which isn’t 100% guaranteed), and of course, the lack of ethical standards with not providing model release forms/contracts in ADVANCE is definitely concerning for a lot of independent models/performers and so-called “indie” porn studios that are growing or starting out, etc. – you have GOT TO HAVE contracts/release forms; otherwise, that’s a red flag if you don’t have it! And DO EVERY DAMN SCENE SOBER! THANK YOU. That’s all I wanted to say about that. Moving on…
  • Fourthly: Valerie Paige – while she does have a diagnosis of DID (Disassociative Identity Disorder – not sure if I spelled that correctly), which can lead to fragmented memories with split/multiple personalities and alters, like what Valerie has, she didn’t have the model release form in advance like I asked, and she did actually email me the film content that we did together, and we both texted and emailed each other with explicit details and permission to upload our content on all of our own separate porn stores/platforms, so therefore, Valerie most definitely didn’t remember everything properly, and while I did make mistakes on Twitter DMs about trying to set up gigs for her to help her out with more shoots and help her build her studio company more, which again, a total miscommunication on my part and a huge mistake that I made, I still wish I could’ve done things differently with Valerie as well. So I do remember everything and exactly what happened, and the same goes for Ana, Salem and soon to be discussed, Chiaroscuro Siren. I REMEMBER EVERYTHING. Every detail. I know exactly where I was, what I said, what I actually did do, etc., so thanks to the EMDR therapy and the trauma therapy work I’ve been doing, I was able to remember everything and provide a consistent and clear timeline thus far. So no, I am not “schizophrenic” like some people said on Twitter. I am actually and always have been and always will be, until I’m fully healed, diagnosed with C-PTSD, Social Anxiety Disorder, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), a dual diagnosis (which means I’m struggling with mental health issues and staying sober/clean at the same time), Depression and Gender Dysphoria. It’s been that way my entire life, and has no intentions of changing anytime soon. Don’t believe me? Call my therapist. Call my psychiatrist. Call my psychologist. I dare you. There are NO personality disorders in my records, no traits of so-called “sociopathy” or “psychopathy” in my records either, and I’ve been thoroughly tested repeatedly over and over to prove it and to prove my innocence, so please, SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH YOUR GODDAMN THEORIES AND RUMORS ABOUT ME. YOU DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME. HA HA HA HA. Now, drop it. End of discussion on my mental health. MOVE THE FUCK ON.
  • Fifthly, in regards to what actually did happened between me and Chiaroscuro Siren – what caused them to kick me out was the fact that I was asleep one night and that I had a C-PTSD moment while asleep and had a nightmare about my biological father who was abusing me in my nightmare. I woke up screaming, and it scared Siren, and that’s when I left. Siren and I hadn’t talked in years, and I don’t intend on doing so anymore. I tried being friends with Siren several times, but unfortunately, Siren was just too toxic, and while I was accountable for what happened that night and tried to explain that I had C-PTSD and that they (Siren’s pronouns are she/they) wouldn’t accept that, which actually did happen, I no longer felt comfortable around them. My friend, Griff, who also lived in the same house, who I still occasionally stay in touch with, but not very often – he believed Siren was pretty toxic and didn’t really feel comfortable around them. To clarify, the house was actually the property of the Baltimore Free Farm collective, and Siren has since then moved out, and apparently, some people had problems with Siren there too, so I guess it was proof all along that I was telling the truth, and that even though Siren and I both took responsibility for both of our actions, they were the most toxic, and took advantage of my deafness, took more of my money that I made teaching the ASL class/workshop that I hosted at the collective, and was just really using me and took advantage of me. I never went back and I never stayed in touch with Siren anymore. Regardless, I still take responsibility for what happened that night when I woke up screaming from my nightmare. That is something I take full accountability for, so just to clarify. Anyway, moving on now…
  • And lastly… I wanted to discuss something really important about the deaf community, the LGBTIQQA+ community and all other marginalized communities and how easily manipulated and influenced they can be by white supremacists/TERFs to turn against each other and to turn against innocent people who actually had done nothing to them, thus causing said innocent people to leave said communities and no longer feel safe and just become completely isolated. This is going to be a very important topic to discuss, so let’s get right into it…

Okay, the communities that I had aforementioned above… I’ve been a part of those communities for a long time now, and I had done wonderful things for said communities and of course, for my friends, family, loved ones, allies, my fans/supporters/subscribers, etc., and I would never actually harm a human being, let alone harass or stalk anyone on the Internet – I actually do NOT HAVE THAT KIND OF TIME, and even if I did, I still think it’s illegal, immoral, wrong, sickening, criminal and very harmful to do such horrible and hateful things online like what the cyber-stalker did. I always go to sleep at a specific hour, and I am never online during the hours that the cyber-stalker targets people. And even during the day, I’m actually outdoors, riding my bicycle, or going shopping or going to doctor’s appointments or working on my projects/content, etc. – I am never home all day, and even though there is a pandemic, and I am now fully vaccinated, I still wear two masks, wash my hands, shower a fair bit, wash my clothes, clean everything up and wipe everything down, etc., before and after I leave and return home, and I am too busy to even bother talking to any of you on the Internet. And I’ve been considering giving up my privacy and my life online to prove my innocence and document my every move, activity, etc., but what good would that do? You still won’t believe me anyway, so that needs to end, with all your slander/libel and all your bullshit. Please stop jumping to conclusions with your “crab theories” (that’s the deaf community’s term and version of “conspiracy theories”) about me, and actually do the research and actually look at the cyber-stalker’s IP address(es) and see how he bounces around a lot, and how I am always right here in Vermont with the SAME FUCKING IP address I’ve had for years, and even when I moved here permanently with my own apartment for the first time, and even when I was traveling all over America for 10 years homeless since losing my wife and daughter to untimely demises of their own, I had no access to the Internet, no access to social media of any sort, etc. until about 2014, and I have proof of that too.

I have videos, photos, files, data, etc. proving which internet accounts were actually mine and which were fake and not mine and were actually created by the cyber-stalker himself and which were hacked and used to send spam/malicious content to innocent and wonderful people when he (and possibly other KiwiFarms members) hacked into old accounts and stole so much information and made it look like I did all that horrible shit, when in fact, I didn’t. If you wanted the proof, the evidence, all of it – all you had to do was ask me directly. But no; you jumped to conclusions and you attacked me wrongfully and slandered me and destroyed my life’s works, my reputation, everything I worked hard for, and accused me of things I didn’t actually do. With that in mind, that brings me to my next point:

Remember earlier how I mentioned that white supremacists/TERFs, especially those from 4chan/8chan/9chan/QAnon/KiwiFarms/Parler/Gab, etc. can somehow influence your entire community or communities and get you all to turn against each other, and eventually go after a innocent person who actually in fact didn’t do anything wrong? The same shit happened when Chloe Sagal was targeted and then she committed suicide. The same shit happened when other trans women were targeted and they were either murdered or committed suicide or worse. It’s literally straight out of the Alt-Right Playbook, and they always look for ways to get away with everything illegal that they have done to try to pin it on someone innocent and then you, the community, any community really, turn against that innocent someone, such as Chloe Sagal, and even against me.

With that being said, it is a major problem in all of your communities, especially the deaf community and the LGBTIQQA+ community and it is something that needs to be addressed immediately before it gets worse, before another life ends, before another life is taken far too soon from us, or before my life ends. In the event of assassination/murder, or if I was brutally victimized in a violent transgender hate crime or if I committed suicide, you will know why – it all had to do with white supremacists/TERFs from such platforms influencing all of your communities to turn against me, just like you turned against Chloe, just like you turned against all others who deserved far much better community support than what you’ve given them. Social media is not meant to be toxic; it’s meant to be enjoyed, to be able to connect with people of various interests and to make lifelong, lasting friendships and professional or personal relationships with everyone you meet along the way. It was never meant to be a corrupt haven for the Dark Webs, or for white supremacists/TERFs to run amok and destroy our once-favorited and now no-longer-safe social media platforms (yeah, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, TikTok, etc. – the list is endless), and had led you all astray.

I remember a time when social media wasn’t very toxic; it was a good way to promote our art, our music, our films, our content, our comedy skits, our vlogs, basically anything we do creatively/artistically/musically, etc., and I even remember a time before social media when I actually grew up without the internet, and it was a good life. Wanted to know how I “checked in” with my friends at a place nearby before Facebook was created and offered that status update feature where you could go like, “Hey, I’m checking in at the Hard Rock cafe with my buddies; come hang out! WOOHOO!” (whatever, Rob! Yeah, Rob, seriously, shut up – that’s just so lame)? Well, look at this picture below:

True story – I actually did grow up this way.

This is how we used to “check in” before social media. In fact, according to research, data and statistics that I looked up, I was actually officially part of the LAST GENERATION to grow up without social media, without the internet and most importantly, without you, and without a cyber-stalker trying to frame me when he stole my identity. My life, even the relationship I had with my late wife and my wonderful late daughter (who I never actually posted a picture of my entire life, and never will ever do so; the cyber-stalker stole a picture of my sister’s kid somehow and hacked into my account and pretended to be me to make it look like I did that), was way better before social media. I did not even have a fancy smartphone or even a iPhone before 2014. The only shitty phone I had was a flip-phone and a Sidekick, and I actually liked the Sidekick better. And I had very little social media presence, and I mean VERY LITTLE prior to 2014. In fact, I had little to no internet until 2014, anyway! So with that in mind, you should consider the fact that perhaps you all need to unplug from social media and unwind, free your minds and see the truth that I’ve been trying to tell you from day fucking one about the cyber-stalker.

Here’s a list that proves you all need a social media break, even Paris Glass and Ana and everyone else, and even you too, Ben. You all do. Stop jumping to conclusions, because it’s what they want, and it’s how cyber-stalkers and white supremacists/TERFs win by getting you all to turn against each other and to turn against me, so therefore, you need to straighten out your priorities and start thinking a little more clearly. So yeah, go take your social media breaks; perhaps PERMANENTLY. I know I am.

Also, I do not plan on accepting your apologies anytime soon when the cyber-stalker is finally arrested and my innocence is proven and the FBI helps me out with getting that asshole arrested and I finally can relax. My plan for what’s next after all this is over? Deleting social media permanently. No more Twitter, no more Facebook, no more Instagram, and DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY NO MORE TikTok. I might keep YouTube just to upload content from time to time and promote my music, art, deaf comedy skits, etc., and I might, MIGHT (and this is a big if) relaunch my Facebook someday, but I highly doubt that. I will still keep my websites for my art/music/poetry/comedy skits, and for the Deaf Gamer Grrrl platform, and will definitely delete A Deaf Grrrl’s Journey to Truth, Justice and Peace (all presences related to Truth, Justice and Peace) – the official website/blog and its podcast series, and I definitely will keep my Patreon. And obviously, I will still have Twitch so I can share my gaming content and my behind-the-scenes live-streams of cool updates about my music that I’m working on (similar to what Mike Shinoda is doing on Twitch but of course, with all my own original content/music/etc.) and do some cool stuff from time to time on Twitch, but that’s about it. I’ll still have a phone number for my true friends/allies to text me at, and a private/secure mailing list for supporters/subscribers, and of course, if and when I return to social media someday, it’s mostly just to promote and release everything I’ve done creatively content-wise and then lock it down and keep it online but not post anymore so that you all know the awesome content that I’ve created with music, art, poetry, my deaf comedy skits, my new indie films I’m working on, my vlog webisodes and all the cool things I’m doing with my life, etc. I deserve justice for what the cyber-stalker did, and I definitely deserve peace and quiet when he is arrested and everything is finally over.

But most importantly, I do not want to return to any of your communities anymore. I’m forming my own; a mix of true friends, family, loved ones, subscribers/fans/allies, etc., and do this the old fashioned way with organic, natural growth, and maybe, just maybe consider the possibility of a return to Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/TikTok to share with the rest of the world what I’ve been working on as of late, and catch you up on what you missed out on, and you do not deserve my updates or my content at all. To be honest, you have betrayed my trust, you hurt me and you didn’t believe me when I told you that there was a cyber-stalker impersonating me. So with that being said, your communities need to change for the better before I even consider returning ever again. I don’t want to accept your apologies, and I sure as hell don’t want you in my life anymore if you’re going to be that toxic. Now, with that being said, I hope this finds you well and reminds you to get some peace and go after the real culprits and stop targeting me for things I never actually did nor said. I’ve been providing evidence since day one and you still refuse to believe me, so fuck you all. Fuck you to the deaf community, fuck you to the LGBTIQQA+ community, and fuck you to everyone else who betrayed me and didn’t believe me. Fuck you all. I stand alone with my true friends, my true allies/supporters and my true community – BETTER WITHOUT YOU. I hope you see the truth someday. If not… then it’s truly too late for you. The FBI is already helping me find him. So is my lawyer, and so is the local police department that submitted the reports for me on my behalf and gave it to the FBI. You need to stop and go the fuck away and leave me alone. Leave my friends alone. Leave my family alone. Leave my loved ones, fans and supporters alone. And to the cyber-stalker, we are coming to find you and arrest you. You cannot run or hide forever. You will answer for what you did to me, what you did to over 30+ victims and what you did to King Midas, Ana, Paris Glass and everyone else that you have harmed.

And you will not be forgiven. You will be locked away and rot in solitude in that prison, and you will never ever harm me again. As for all white supremacists/TERFs, we are taking you down. You better start running and try to hide, if you can. We’re coming for you. Karma is coming for you.

Okay, I’ve said what I needed to say, and I’ve shared my updates, my good news and so forth. Thank you for your support, thank you for believing in the truth and thank you for being here for me through this difficult time ahead. Take care, be safe and I hope this ends soon when we finally get him arrested.




I was just notified this morning that Vermont Legal Aid called me and said that they cannot take my case due to the complexity and severity of this situation and has referred me to several lawyers and law firms that specializes in identity theft, defamation/slander lawsuits, cyber-bullying/illegal cyber crime lawsuits and other related/similar situations that I am currently dealing with.

This call was made at least about 15 minutes ago, and I needed some time to process, so we’re going to keep going, keep reaching out and find a lawyer or law firm that is good at what they do or specialize in, and get the process started ASAP. However, I was able to get temporary restraining orders started to be processed, notarized and finalized soon, but they only last up to 90 days, then after that, I have to re-certify and declare that I’m still being harassed online by certain people.

Thank you all again for your support, and new content, updates, vlog episodes and podcast episodes (with captions/transcripts) is coming soon – I’ve been busy editing and filming, organizing everything and making sure it’s consistent with the timeline that starts in 2009 and ends to present day 2021. Take care, be safe and I will keep you all posted. My resolve to tell the truth has STILL NOT FADED.


Information regarding Josh Moon

I too was targeted by KiwiFarms/4chan/8chan/QAnon for years now and I am hoping this will end soon, and the lawsuits that I’m filing will help ensure that my reputation and identity that they have stolen and used to impersonate me and try to frame me is restored and that I am safe once again.

Left at the Lights

  • We are a small group of individuals who have been targeted by the nazi incel site, Kiwifarms, run by Joshua Moon. Law enforcement has been surprisingly slow on the uptake so we have done a lot of the work researching the perpetrators ourselves. We are not suggesting that anyone should break the law, or do anything for that matter, just that knowledge is power and that has been skewed in kiwifarm’s favour (up until now). This should go some way to redressing the balance. If he’s big enough to fling shit, he’s big enough to catch it. 

(Update: seems Nazis don’t like being doxed and have been writing to WordPress getting things redacted. I may not be allowed to host the info on this site but it still in my possession, free to whoever needs it.)

Joshua Conner Moon, son of John Moon and Candice Lynn Potter, is running a…

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