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If you want to send care packages, letters of support, etc., you’re welcome to do so by sending to the P.O. Box below. If you want to call me at my office VRS number, there’s the fucking number. If you want to follow, like, subscribe or otherwise support any of the creative projects/ventures that I’m a part of or to support A Deaf Grrrl’s Journey to Truth, Justice and Peace on various social media platforms, etc., there be the links all listed below if you wanna get updates and whatnot on what’s going on in my life and other shit, including legal issues.

If you are a magazine, blogger, vlogger, content creator, news publication/company/organization, etc. seeking media inquiries, interview requests, etc., please note that all requests for such media inquiries and interview requests are no longer being accepted since certain “news websites” decided to publish one-sided articles/fodder and misinformation that are not entirely accurate nor 100% true, and didn’t get any and all sides of the story at all. With that in mind, I will be submitting cease and desist orders and restraining orders that are legally filled out properly, notarized, signed by me and a lawyer AND AN ACTUAL JUDGE, and delivered properly to ask everyone to please take down all articles, tweets, links, posts, etc. about me until the FBI who are helping me find the stalker has finally been found and arrested, and then I will do interviews and media inquiries after this is over. I will not be saying anything except to post periodical updates on the blog section of the website to keep you all posted on what’s going on until further notice. Thank you and take care, be safe and I’ll see you all soon when it’s safe to do so with a final announcement/update regarding the stalker’s arrest and court date, trial, the verdict and all that.

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Thank you for your support – it means more to me than you’ll ever know; I truly appreciate all of you. Truly. JUSTICE IS COMING.

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