Some Updates and What’s Happening with the Website/Blog Here (5/17/2021)

So first things first: I wanted to inform you all that the FBI is still on the case and is helping me find a cyber-stalker who not only stole my identity and tried to frame me for everything that he did, but he also framed a lot of other people with their identities as well,Continue reading “Some Updates and What’s Happening with the Website/Blog Here (5/17/2021)”

Some Good News (finally…) – 5/8/2021

So, after about several weeks on and off going back and forth with the FBI, the local police department, discussing with my therapist, and the new lawyer that I’m meeting with soon, they are now all on the same page and the FBI is now opening an active investigation soon to help me find theContinue reading “Some Good News (finally…) – 5/8/2021”


IMPORTANT UPDATE: I was just notified this morning that Vermont Legal Aid called me and said that they cannot take my case due to the complexity and severity of this situation and has referred me to several lawyers and law firms that specializes in identity theft, defamation/slander lawsuits, cyber-bullying/illegal cyber crime lawsuits and other related/similarContinue reading “IMPORTANT UPDATE REGARDING A NEW CHANGE IN LAWYERS/LAW FIRMS”