Who Is October Evans?

Who is the face behind A Deaf Grrrl’s Journey to Truth, Justice and Peace?

Pronouns: She/They
Location: Vermont, United States
Gender Identity – Non-Binary Trans Woman

October Rain Evans, a Deaf non-binary trans woman, currently living in Vermont, has faced a lot of obstacles to get to where she is today, and yet, there are still accusations, rumors and lies about October that are simply just untrue, because not everyone is able to turn off their minds, CALM DOWN and actually WAIT PATIENTLY before jumping to conclusions and irrationally posting content or updates or tweets or news about October without actual evidence, and now, the truth is about to finally come out through the official website/blog here and the newly launched Anchor.FM podcast series, which will hopefully help clear October’s name, and along the way, learn more about the wonderful, amazing, beautiful, kind-hearted trans soul rebel that we have all come to known and love over the years.

October was born in Dallas, Texas, having grown up in mostly small towns, going to several mainstream schools and only 2 deaf schools in her entire life (one of them including Texas School for the Deaf), and have always struggled to find somewhere to belong, and not able to fit in in any community or culture, even as a lone wolf/black-sheep type of personality, introverted and shy, and yet still able to fight on to live another day, finding hope that somewhere out there is a community of people who truly will love her for her, accept all her flaws and imperfections and allow her the space and time needed to grow into a wonderful, much better version of who she is today, and continue to create content that matters, make a positive difference in the world by doing the little things that can lead to bigger things and truly change someone’s life forever, or possibly change an entire community, country or world forever.

Today, she is an deaf multimedia content creator, artist, writer/poet, filmmaker/producer/director/screen-writer/actress, deaf musician/singer-songwriter/lyricist/multi-instrumentalist, photographer, vlogger, podcaster and an activist for several left-leaning causes/movements, including the Black Lives Matter movement, disability/deaf rights, transgender/non-binary human and civil rights, environmental justice/climate change, fighting to decriminalize sex work, ending homelessness/poverty/child poverty/world hunger, and is currently working on multiple projects, making plans to officially adopt a Siberian Husky for licensing/training to become an official service animal specialized and trained to be October’s protector with K-9 training, learning the skills necessary to alert people that October is Deaf, disabled, has a history of health issues, including epilepsy and other disabilities and for emotional support training with a focus on C-PTSD/Depression support and trauma recovery/healing, while working on a later return date to finish her college education at RIT/NTID, then going on to NYU and possibly another university for further training/education in the years to come, despite all the rumors, lies and accusations made against her and will document the entire journey to clear her name and what life will be like after court is over and her name is finally cleared, all the real culprits are behind bars and will also be sharing her journey of post-recovery from the trauma and the drama that several groups of people and communities has caused her that has severely harmed her reputation, her businesses and her multi-industry careers that span just over 20+ years, proving that even the Johnny Depp’s of the world can still thrive, still tell the truth and fight against the very toxic, manipulative and deceitful Amber Heard personality-types of the Deaf/HoH/Deaf-Blind, LGBTIQQA+, disability, BIPOC, BDSM/Leather, sex work/porn, etc. communities and associated industries/businesses, once the truth is finally out there and people in said communities/industries, etc. start to realize that they were, in fact, sharing and tweeting and retweeting and posting misinformation and broken links that originally came from white supremacists, TERFs and very vile, violent and hateful people who has somehow influenced and infiltrated their communities and turned against October with this harmful misinformation.

If movies or TV shows like Cyberbully or 13 Reasons Why or the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard situation has taught us anything, it is this: the truth will always come out eventually, and the innocent will always be right about the truth that they have been telling all along since day one. Join October in the Journey to TRUTH, JUSTICE and PEACE, in the hope that all this can finally be over with, for when all is said/signed and done, October will rise again. But where she will go next is entirely up to her, and of course, entirely up to the communities that will learn a very difficult and harsh lesson in verifying and vetting sources of information before spreading rumors/lies like wildfire all over social media and therefore, enabling/contributing to white supremacy themselves, which results in harming innocent, wonderful people like October here. Are you ready for the Journey? Nah, you’re not ready for this. Yet…

To quote something that was actually said by October and her therapist in a therapy session previously:

The Deaf/HoH/Deaf-Blind, LGBTIQQA+ and other marginalized communities use social media to escape and try to use it to “validate” their traumas as a excuse to harm innocent people who has done nothing to them.

– direct quote from October and Elaine Morse, trauma therapist in Vermont.

I believe that you are actually more emotionally mature than most of the new generation of Deaf/HoH/Deaf-Blind/etc. communities, due to your life experiences, how you were raised growing up and how you survived so much and learned from those experiences.

– direct quote from Elaine Morse, trauma therapist in Vermont.

Your support means a lot to October through these very difficult times, as it will help pay for legal expenses, upcoming medical expenses, surgery costs, restraining order/cease-and-desist order fees, paperwork filing fees and all other expenses in creating content, producing the series, A Deaf Grrrl’s Journey to Truth, Justice and Peace and more. Please click on the button below to become a patron and choose the “pay what you want” (aka “pay what you can afford”) option where you can subscribe for as literally low as $1 a month or pay as high as $20 or more a month (you can even pay $100 a month or $1,000 a month if you are super rich or whatever), if you choose to – AND STILL GET THE SAME benefits, perks and all exclusive content, access to updates, news, behind-the-scenes exclusives and more on Patreon and all social media platforms, etc., etc. Every dime goes to covering all aforementioned expenses, including living expenses at home, service animal licensing/training expenses, adoption fees, and finishing the Journey to Truth, Justice and Peace in a series of lawsuits that will be filed in the next several years, so that October’s name can finally be cleared at last, and the real culprits (aka white supremacists/TERFs) are behind bars in prison for LIFE and those who has been circulating the lies/rumors/accusations WILL ISSUE very, VERY PUBLIC apologies sooner or later when the time comes. It’s not a matter of IF – it’s a matter of WHEN. With your support, October and her friends, loved ones, support system, etc. can unite together to take down those responsible, hold them to a higher standard of accountability and finally put this behind us at long last after nearly a decade-plus of silence now broken.

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